How banana business works

Our bananas grow in Ecuador, the heart of the banana world. In a tropical climate under the best weather conditions where the temperature, humidity, and fair amounts of sunlight are ideal for the development and quality production of the fruit.

Like all fruits in the market, the banana industry is different from other business sectors in terms of standardized procedures. It is important to know and understand the seasons, cultures, and traditions of the destination and origin countries. The Ecuadorian bananas has the great advantage of having fruit availability to supply the worldwide demand during the 52 weeks of the year

To succeed in the banana business, it is necessary to understand the value chain of the fruit. Starting with the production in the field, harvesting, packing, shipping, and sale of the fruit to the final consumer. Each of these processes has its levels of difficulty and therefore its respective supervision.

The real challenge that VAMOS Group has as a company is to know how to manage work teams through good communication and responsibility during operations in the banana value chain.

Our job is to provide the security of process control for our suppliers and customers with our experience and knowledge to offer a quality service demonstrating that the fruit harvested by the growers reaches in the best conditions to the final consumers with the best possible prices.