Growers and employees on top

We are mainly concerned with the economic, social, and environmental development worldwide. Generating monetary income sources for many families, creating an excellent work environment and especially taking care of the environment during our operations, which are based on the high-quality standards of the GLOBAL GAP certification to offer customized premium quality according to the requirements that our customers demand from the main fresh fruit markets worldwide. We differentiate by cultivating long-term business relationships with our clients by working with honesty, punctuality, and responsibility.

VAMOS Group is characterized for being a young and dynamic company committed to inculcating our growers and employees to be always open to new challenges, to achieve same goals with teamwork, and improve personal and professional development of the staff. We develop a collective culture based mainly on teamwork, proactivity, commitment, desire to learn, live the quality, and above all, the passion for fresh produce and a healthy life without affecting the environment during our operations.

We believe that the collective growth and satisfaction of our customers is achieved with the presence of a comfortable and pleasant work environment of our stakeholders. “Our growers and employees always first”, there is enough confidence to suggest opinions, solutions and allow team members to develop their skills freely to create a friendly and energetic working environment for the welfare and success of the company.

As a company interested in the happiness of our employees, we develop healthy projects to improve performance during work activities.